Wordpress to Hugo

August 2, 2017

How we migrated a Wordpress blog to a Hugo generated website (and hosted it on GitHub Pages for free), without too much fuss. Part 1: Export from Wordpress to Hugo format: Being on the free tier of Wordpress, it was not possible to run any of the excellent looking tools that hugo recommends. So instead we opted to use the wp2hugo.go tool to process the downloaded export file from Wordpress into markdown files, as explained here. ... Read more

Hugo website hosted on GitHub Pages

August 2, 2017

How we created a static website using Hugo and hosted it on GitHub Pages, for free. With Hugo + GitHub Pages you get: Static website generator. Auto-deploy on checkin. Free hosting. Custom domain (not secured with SSL/TLS encryption). With GitHub Pages your URL options are: Encrypted sub domain of GitHub Pages, for example: https://mygitname.github.io/mywebsite. Unencrypted custom domain, for example: http://mycustomdomain. If you want to use a custom domain and SSL/TSL encryption, consider using GitLab instead: see blog post Hugo website hosted on GitLab Pages. ... Read more

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