Villa de Leyva

December 27, 2013

After a 5.5 hr bus ride north from Bogota, Villa de Leyva is a picturesque, spanishesque town. The movie Zorro was filmed here, and you can see why, its well preserved and fairly timeless.

Back packs were essential, as wheeled cases would have to be carried over the very bumpy historic cobbled streets.


Armed police were very visible in Colombia. Reassuring rather than intimidating. Our identification was checked on entering the Bogota coach station. At various checkpoints police stopped cars and coaches to make random checks. Our trip didn’t include any dangerous regions and we felt safe during our time in Colombia.

A short taxi ride away from Villa de Leyva is a dinosaur fossil museum, but it only takes 5 mins to look around so don’t say good bye to your taxi driver, like we did.

Below:  the main square

Below:  Church on the main square

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