Tayrona National Park

December 27, 2013

Tayrona National Park was the reason for bringing the swimming gear, hiking boots, mosquito repellent and toilet paper.

Walking round the coast was easy if hot, with idyllic beaches. An open air hammock was rented for the night, and the following day we started the 4 hour trek over the top to some ruins and eventually out to the road. 


Ants formed miniature multi lane highways between coconut palms and their nests, carrying pieces of leaf. These ant highways were common around the park. We also saw bats at dusk; a frog; a wild capybara; land crabs; butterflies; and lots of lizards.

We spotted the capybara soon after leaving the coast. Later the trail became quite a challenging climb over large boulders. About 30 minutes in, sweat had drenched our clothes. Even the Pasos in my wallet became sopping wet.

Below: One of the many beaches in Tayrona

Below: Playa Brava

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